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Southern California's tight real estate market extends to tenants & rentals too. Many homeowners will someday want to rent out their property and turn to a RE agent to list their property for rent instead of using a property manager or the internet. 

By having Bill Cramond set up a search for rentals, you'll have one more avenue to find a perfect place to live the SoCal Dream.

Bill Cramond's background in RE appraising & lending will be invaluable when you begin your search, by identifying the best price to pay and how to finance your new home.  Bill's extensive sales experience will then help you negotiate the best sales price possible.

about bill cramond

assisting​ buyers

Over 28 years of RE experience!

*  1989: B.S. Finance/R.E. CSULB 

*  Early 90's: RE appraiser

*  Late 90's: RE loans

*  Late 90's -2008 RE loans & Sales

*  2008 until pres:  RE sales

*  Specialized background & training working with Seniors known in our industry as a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) designation .

assisting​ renters

assisting sellers

As a seller, you'll want a Realtor® with appraisal knowledge to identify a maximum list price. Then Bill's lending background will help pre screen potential buyers. Finally,  plenty of sales experience will help negotiate the highest possible price and make the escrow process a breeze.