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Making it simple for renters:

If you're looking to find a place to rent in the O.C., you'll find over 2,000 properties every month in the Realtor® MLS.  Most of these "for rent" listings come from past buyers that now want to rent out their home. Many times, these landlords will call their past Realtor® to help list their property in the MLS.  Most likely you won't find these rentals in the paper or popular websites. You'll also avoid scams.

Request a custom for rent search by contacting me with your parameters (price, location, beds, baths, etc.). From there you will receive a link with the most up-to-date (hourly) search of properties for rent just like we do for buyers.   

Bad Landlords:

​​Have you ever received a strange lender notice in the mail for your landlord, or just felt like there is something up with your landlord? Then they may not be paying the mortgage on the home you're living in (yes I've had this happen to clients who were later evicted).  In that case you'll want to receive a landlord report to see if there is a notice of default recorded against your property with the county.  After the downturn of 2008 many landlords were pocketing rents and STOPPED paying the mortgage. 
Tenants would find a marshal knocking at the door letting them know they needed to vacate the property.
I had more that one client in a panic with this exact situation.  Some laws were changed after 2008 to protect renters from being evicted on the spot, but you still could be given notice to vacate within months.